Week 8: Friday, July 21, 2017

Today I continued making progress in the South-East region of the report. I finished the “Educational Benefits” section and was pleasantly surprised.  After their disappointing performance in the other sections, I appreciated that the South-East states seemed to dedicate a significant amount of resources to helping their veterans take advantage of their educational opportunities. Particularly when it came to vocational and trade schools, the South-East states have numerous programs that helped veterans make the transition from the Active-Duty military to civilian professions.

The best programs were those that counted military certifications to meet civilian profession qualifications.  The importance of such programs cannot be underestimated because many military service members have reached professional levels when it comes to skills like welding, truck driving, or warehouse management.  To be able to not have to retake classes on skills they have already mastered not only saves resources but also allows the veterans to make as seamless of a transition as possible into the civilian workforce.


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