My name is Micah Jones and I am a rising second-year law student (2L) at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. This summer I will be working as a Rappaport Fellow in Law and Public Policy. The Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy is dedicated to placing Boston area law students in summer positions in state and local government with the hopes of inspiring them to one day pursue careers in public service.

For my summer placement as a Rappaport Fellow, I will be working in the office of Massachusetts State Senator Michael F. Rush. Senator Rush is the Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Veteran’s and Federal Affairs. He is also the Senate Chair of the Committee on Personnel and Administration.

In addition to working daily in Senator Rush’s office, I will be joining the other eleven Rappaport Law and Public Policy Fellows on weekly trips throughout Boston visiting with policy-level leaders, judges, business owners, and other people involved in public policy decision making in Boston and Massachusetts. These trips are designed to expose the Rappaport Fellows to the inner-workings of state and local government and provide a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts the dynamic places they have become and will continue to be.

This blog will be a weekly summary of my work with Senator Rush’s office in the Massachusetts State Senate and my trips with the other Rappaport Fellows throughout Boston and Massachusetts. Many of the entries will be edited for confidentiality purposes, but I will hope to convey some of the important work that Senator Rush and the other state-level representatives are doing in order to ensure the best possible future for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.